By giving us consent to begin your project or by providing us with any payment, we take that as acknowledgement that you have read, agree and accept our terms of engagement. Terms in your proposal may override any specific element in this document as each project is different.


We want to make the process of working with us as enjoyable as possible, below you will find how we intend to do this for both parties.


COBA Digital Marketing Ltd will hold all copyright/design rights to all work produced until such time that the work has been completed and paid for in full. This excludes any content supplied by you, which may include text, images and videos.


Payment is to be made on time and when requested. If payment is not received in a timely fashion (or when stated on invoice) the project may be delayed. Our standard payment terms are between 25 – 50% up front (before the project begins) and the full remaining balance is due once the development website has been signed off prior to launch. Only when full payment is received will your website go live.


Many of our services, including hosting and service agreements require a recurring (usually monthly or yearly) payment. If you no longer require our services for items which require a recurring payment, we require 30 days written notice in order to cancel the service.


We will always renew a domain name we have registered unless you give us written notice that the renewal is not required. By renewing a domain name, this means you are liable to pay for any renewal costs. If renewal costs are not settled within 60 days we will transfer ownership of the domain name to COBA Digital Marketing Ltd until costs are settled.


Because every project is different the time-scale and length of a project can differ. The proposal will outline an accurate time-scale however any time-scale or completion date we give is subject to change without notice. We will always aim to complete projects on time, however if there are circumstances outside of our control this may not always be possible. If the scope of the precept changes once we begin this may cause delays or extensions to any deadlines we have given. We will always notify you if a project is going to become delayed or run over the given deadline. Part of completing a project on time falls with your responsibility to reposed in a timely fashion to any request we have. This may include request for content, design work, text, images and approval of our work.


Our standard responsibilities include taking regular server and database backups which will be restored in the event of a server failure. If we supply you with FTP details or direct access to your website files, back-end system, or email and a mistake is made on your part which requires data to be restored there will be a charge for this.


We take every precaution to protect you and your clients against data protection related issues. This includes using encryption (where possible), strong passwords, up-to-date software, and regular backups which are stored securely. Due to the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee your data is protected 100%, however we will always notify you if we believe our systems have become compromised. No financial data is ever stored on our website or any website we create including yours. Data which is stored can include; customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, postcodes, postal addresses, email subscription preferences and other information which may be submitted by a third party through any website form (including booking forms, contact forms and online quote forms).


Downtime is the term given when a hosted solution such as a website or email system is off-line or not functioning. We take every step to minimise the risk of downtime which includes using the latest server technology, reliable hosting companies and ensuring our systems are well managed and up-to-date. However due to the nature of the internet and using a third party hosting company, there are times when we do not have control over what is happening and therefore cannot guarantee 100% uptime. We operate on average a 99.98% uptime rate, and any required downtime such as server or website upgrades will be scheduled well in advance and carried out at a suitable time to minimise disruption to you. If a website or email service is down for any period of time we accept no liability for loss of data or loss of earnings. However, you can be assured we will always prioritise downtime related issues to minimise disruption to your business.


We will endeavour to provide fast and reliable support at all times. We offer several on-going support agreements which cover regular maintenance and support for your website. If you choose not to take out one of our support agreements, we are not obliged to perform core security updates to your site which could affect security. By taking out one of our support agreements reduces the risk of a website being compromised as we will carry out any core security updates as and when required. We will endeavour to provide fast and reliable support whenever you need it. We offer several on-going support agreements which cover regular maintenance and support for your website.


It is your responsibility to ensure that any content, statements, advice or views found on your website comply with any local, national or international laws. Although we will rectify any spelling mistakes, typos and errors found on your website, we take no responsibility for any such items found on your website and there may be a charge to make adjustments once the site has gone live if the issue in question was not created by us (this would typically include content which has been submitted for use by you, which then needs changing due to errors once the website has gone live).


You have the right to cancel a project at any stage. Any money paid to COBA Digital Marketing Ltd is nonrefundable. If you cancel a project you will be liable to settle any outstanding costs we have incurred, this could include initial design work and meeting costs. You will be liable to settle any unfilled time or due renewals. If you wish to cancel a project we require 30 days written notice.


By now you should have all the information you need in order to make a decision on whether COBA is the right company for you. If you would like to work with us just drop us an email as acknowledgement or give us a call on +44 (0)1452 226411. We may have already discussed time frames with you but the sooner we get the confirmation that you wish to proceed the sooner we can start your project.