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Whether you’ve just launched a new business and need a website, or you’ve just clicked on to your current website and realised it could actually be doing your business more harm than good, updating or creating a new site from scratch doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

There are plenty of options if you search Google for starter websites or cheap web design, but more often than not you’ll be sent to DIY web builders such as Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. These platforms allow you to create an account, choose a design which works best for your business and start building your web page. 

For those who have some basic knowledge of computers, design and creativity, these platforms are cost effective and the perfect solution to get you started. But what about if you aren’t a whizz on computers, what if you don’t know your png’s from your jpeg’s and what if you would rather just find a web company, send your content, and have them do it all for you. Well, that’s where we can help.

Introducing Bespoke Starter Websites for £500 (+VAT)

COBA is proud to announce the launch of their bespoke starter websites service. Single page websites, built from scratch with a 48hr turnaround of receiving your content.

Whereas the DIY web building platforms offer various templates and themes to choose from, COBA design and build your site from the ground upwards, laying out your content and images in the best way possible based on the information you have provided. This ensures everything is in proportion and keeps your website looking clean and tidy.

The only trouble with some of the DIY building platforms and templates is that they are created to look visually perfect. Their colour co-ordinated images, bite-size chunks of text and pixel perfect logos make for a lovely design, but for most small businesses or those on a budget, having all of this content at the beginning just isn’t realistic, therefore we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bridge the gap between a DIY building platform such as Wix, and a large web company too expensive for what you need.

Our bespoke starter website option sits just in the middle and is the ideal solution for those either getting started or who want a refresh of an old website without breaking the bank.

We use the same framework as projects that cost in excess of £10K which means as your business grows your website can too. The benefits of starting with something like a single page website is not only cost-effective but also means the structure is in place as and when you wish to add new features in the future, i.e. bespoke landing pages, payment option, search function or user logins- your website is built to be future proof.

Not only will our team of developers build your website from scratch, but they work closely with our design team to ensure your site is performing it’s best. This includes making sure your website has the best chance of increasing it’s organic ranking on Google, optimising images, and making sure any enquiries generated are set up to convert those who land on your website.

We’re really excited to add this new service and not until now have we been able to offer such quality web design for such a reasonable price.

However, this doesn’t take anything away from our larger web projects which do require multiple pages, bespoke design and content management systems, this is simply offering support and help to those who don’t know which route to go down when looking to have their first website built.

If you’re a small business or trade, for example, builder, electrician, hairdresser, plumber, beautician, photographer, start-up or life coach, then this is the perfect solution to get you up and running.

So, How does it work?

Well, it’s really very simple, once you’ve decided our bespoke starter website option is right for you, we ask that you send us all of the content you would like on your new website, or if you have an old website, we can copy it straight over for you.

1. We design all of the separate elements based on the information you have provided.

For example:

  • About
  • Services
  • Meet the team
  • Testimonials
  • Images
  • Video links
  • Social media
  • Contact information

2. Our team of designers will then create your website using this content, ensuring it’s laid out the best way possible.

3. We will then send you a temporary link to view your site before making it live.

There’s no need to worry about your domain name ( where it’s registered or being hosted, we will ask for some key information and our technical team will take care of the rest, switching over to us is completely hassle-free. Did I mention that price includes 1 years Website Hosting with us too? You can see more of what’s included by Clicking Here.

So, there you have it, the perfect solution for small businesses on a small budget who need quality web design.

If you’re interested in our bespoke starter website option or your company is in need of a larger multipage website with bespoke functionality, then Get in Touch to see how we could help you.

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